Our Philosophy

We think that well-rounded, enthusiastic athletes are the most successful ones. Below are the main focuses of the Granite Performance training program.

Physical Training

Ski racing is a physically demanding sport, and the offseason is the best time to prepare our athlete's bodies for these demands. We focus on increasing strength, mobility, balance and agility in our training programs. Programs are written with our athlete's still-developing bodies in mind and are mostly composed of bodyweight exercises that simulate the movement patterns seen in ski racing.

Mental Training

The mental aspect of ski racing can often be the hardest part for young athletes. Whether nerves, focus, pressure or fear, we use both group and individual sessions to talk through common mental barriers. By providing our athlete's proven sport psychology theory & techniques we help foster more enjoyable and successful seasons to come.


How we feed our bodies determines how we perform. Granite Performance works with athletes to understand basic sports nutrition to ensure they are fueling their bodies properly for their athletic endeavors. 

Teamwork & Fun

Ski racing is an individual sport but it's a heck of a lot more fun to work for results as a team! We use group training as motivation for our athletes, working alongside peers to achieve results.  This also gives racers a chance to meet athletes from other teams and programs!