How do I sign up my child for a session?

Please go to our sign up page and find which session your athlete would like to attend. At sign up you will have the option to pay with a credit card or PayPal. If necessary, we can also accept checks or cash upon request. After you have signed up on the website your spot will be held for the session and you will be contacted by Coach Torey with any additional forms and details needed to fully register your child for the session. 

How old does my athlete need to be?

Granite Performance is geared towards U14 and U16 athletes. We also consider mature athletes who will be competing as second-year U12's in the upcoming ski season.

How much does each session cost? 

At Granite Performance, we try to keep the cost of each session as low as possible while still providing a high-quality program for our athletes. For 2020, the cost of each 10-week off-season training session is $800. Discounts are available for signing up more than 2 months before the session, as well as for signing up for multiple sessions in one year. We do encourage athletes in need of financial assistance for the program to reach out to Coach Torey at torey@graniteperformanceski.com, as we believe every racer deserves to be a strong racer. 

Where and when are group training sessions?

Group training sessions will be held in an indoor facility in (or near) Concord NH to make it as convenient as possible for our athletes from NH, Mass and Maine.  These sessions are 2-3 hours long, every other Sunday during the session.

What is the coach to athlete ratio at group workouts?

At group workouts, we strive to keep our athlete to coach ratio under 6:1. This allows our coaches to give individual feedback to athletes and ensure exercises are being done with proper form throughout the session. 

How do individual coaching sessions work?

One-on-one coaching sessions will be held during a pre-scheduled 45-minute time slot and are conducted over Zoom. During the sessions, athletes will have a chance to better customize their at-home training plans, set individual goals, and work with a coach on mental training tools as it pertains to that athlete's experiences as an individual.

Does my athlete need access to a gym at home to complete their weekly workouts?

No! All workouts are made to be able to be done at home with only a few basic pieces of equipment. We strive for consistency, and therefore try to make our workouts as straight forward and accessible as possible. If an athlete does have access to a gym than their workout plan can be adjusted to take full advantage of the extra resources!

My athlete will be playing other sports/attending other camps during the summer. Can they do Granite Performance too?

YES!!! We 100% support that most of our athletes play multiple sports. In fact, we hope that our program will not only help them excel and stay injury-free in ski racing, but in all of the sports they play! During the individual coaching sessions each athlete's at-home training plan can be adjusted to ensure they are getting proper rest and recovery while still seeing gains in strength and performance.

My athlete is coming back from injury, can they train with Granite Performance?

Granite Performance is not a substitute for post-injury physical therapy. Any athlete returning to sport from injury will need to be cleared by their PT and doctor before being a part of our program. Once an athlete has been cleared to return to sport we would love to help them on their road to recovery and get them back to skiing stronger than they were before!

What qualifications/certifications do your coaches hold?

All Granite Performance coaches are US Ski & Snowboard members and have completed CPR, First Aid and Safesport training. See more about each of our coaches on the Meet Our Team page. 

How are the fitness and injury prevention programs created?

All of our fitness and injury prevention group workouts and take home plans are developed by our coaches with our athlete's age, ability, and needs in mind. These programs are built with the guidance and review of Marjorie King. Margie is a registered athletic trainer, personal trainer and physical therapist, and ensures that both our group and at-home training programs are safe and effective for our athletes. 


More Questions or concerns? 

Contact Coach Torey at torey@graniteperformanceski.com